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HLAA 2020 National Convention is Cancelled

Chapter Meetings are held in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church 25 Westminster Rd.(at East Ave. accross from the George Eastman House), Rochester, NY 14607. Please enter only from the door on Westminster Rd.
Weather Note: Meetings are cancelled when:

1. Monroe County issues a ban on unnecessary travel; and/or:

2. The Rochester City School District closes and/or cancels afternoon activities; and/or:
3. The wind chill is at / or below -20 degrees. 

Chapter Meetings-​​
General Information

All meetings are free, accessible, and open to the public. 

Note: Our HOPE Discussion Group, Chapter Meetings and Cochlear Implant Meeting have been Cancelled for for now, due to the Coronavirus. Currently, our other Chapter events such as our Featured Speaker and Awards Dinner are also cancelled.

Visit us for updates for future meetings and event cancellations, and don't forget to check our Members' page for Chapter updates and general information.


The Hope Meetings have been callcelled for now, due to the coronavirus. 

Check back to find out when the Hope Sessions will resume.

Next Chapter/ Cochlear Implant Meetings​​

 Our Chapter Meetings (day and evening) and the Cochlear Implant Meeting have been cancelled for now, due to the coronavirus.

​Check back to find out when they will resume ​.

HLAA and the American Girl Doll Connection

American Girl Dolls focus on “inspirational characters who impart meaningful life lessons to help girls learn and grow with confidence”.

“American Girl is donating $25,000 to support HLAA’s educational programs. American Girl is also supporting the organization’s 2020 Walk4Hearing with a donation of Joss dolls. And, from January 1, 2020, through the end of the year, the company will collect donations for HLAA at and at American Girl stores nationwide.”
Find out more at HLAA National's Website.

Support our Chapter and New York State Association and have a chance to win your own American Girl Doll...a grand gift or keepsake! Read more

Alas, all scheduled events have been cancelled. All hope is not lost however...schedule your own event! This is a good time to call, Face Time, Skype, Zoom etc, friends, relatives and business and work associates. You have the opportunity to reconnect with people that you may not have heard from in a long time. Most of the video services have captioning capability and finding out how it works may be your challenge and your success of the day!

There are lots of interesting and fun "to dos" that you may have had to put off. You can still get some fresh air and include some healthy vitamin "D" from the sun, to boot.

Just think you can go for a walk and wave to a friendly neighbor and not worry you will be cornered into a prolonged conversation.

Feel like you've enjoyed a day out just by people watching, dog walkers, people on bicycles and more. You may find that taking time to watch the birds and squirrels who are "doing their thing" can be quite refreshing and take your mind off of unpleasantness!

Remember you are not alone we're all together in this!

Note: the Demo Center will be closed April and May. Please check back  for the May Demo Center status. Available now the Virtual Demonstration Center VDC !

Need or want information about Assisitve Listening Devices?
Visit our Demo Center Page.

Lorin Gallistel, a member of our Technology Committee, has created a Virtual Demonstration Center where you can find information about Assistive Listening Devices (ALD'S) including items from our center. 

Rochester Chapter Assistive Device Demonstration Center​​

The Young Adults Board of the Rochester Chapter HLAA

Are you ready to graduate high school, of college age or young adult and would like to Meet and enjoy the company of others your age who have hearing loss?

The Young Adult Board of HLAA-Rochester works to
serve as a means to unite and support students and younger people who have hearing loss. Our Young Adult Board welcomes upper high-school, college-age and younger people out in the work force who are deaf and/or HOH to participate.

Those in the same age group who are interested and involved in serving those with hearing loss are welcome as well. Contact Us to find out more!


​Adult Board