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Note: The Chapter Member Survey will be mailed to Chapter Members or download below to fill in the survey on your computer.

Become a Chapter Volunteer
Chapter Membership Application
Letter from our Chapter President
Download (save) this form on your computer. You can fill it out and email it back to us at: [email protected] or  print it out and snail mail it to us from our box number on our " Contact Us"page.

Chapter Member Convention Reimbursement Form

If you have  attended meetings, volunteered your time and talent to our HLAA Chapter you may be elegible for a partial reimbursement for Convention expenses. The criteria are on the form!

Note: This form may be fillable on some computers after downloading. 
To fill out the form manually download (save) this PDF to your computer, print it, fill it out and submit it along with your receipts as instructed on the form. 

   Download forms to your computer; they are not fillable online

NOTE:  You will need  to print three copies of the Scholarship Reference Letter regardless of the version of the Scholarship Application you use.
The form will download to your computer. Print it, fill out the form, and mail it to the address  on the application. 
2020 Scholarship Application

HLAA Publications

Our Rochester chapter as well as our National Organization provide a number of publications, that benefit people with hearing loss. Visit the National HLAA for some of the items below and addtional resources.

Note: Our Chapter takes care to list a number of valid surveys and studies in which people can participate  It is up to the participant to check the requirments and determine if they want to participate.
Guide for Effective Communication in Health Care and Communication Access Plan
HLAA Patient Brochure
HLAA Rochester Chapter Brochure
HLAA Employment Toolkit

Do you have questions about the Americans with Disability Act?

A Guide to Hearing Tests

A Guide to Hearing Tests
Summary of ADA
Contact our Region 2 Center. They will provide direct answers to your questions about the ADA.

Region 2 (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands)

Northeast ADA Center  203 Dolgen Hall Ithaca, NY. 14853
607-255-6686 [email protected] 

Talk to an ADA Specialist:1-800-949-4232 National office

Holidays with Hearing Loss

Holidays can be a real challenge for people with Hearing loss. Feeling frustrated and excluded are common. Here are some suggestions to help get through challenging holiday situations.
Holidays with Hearing Loss

Resouces/ vendors

Many devices cannot be obtained locally. The link below will provide a list of vendors and local service providers.

Find more helpful Information on our "Hearing Loss Tips" page

Hearing Loss Tips