All HLAA Meetings are Free.

The Rochester Chapter is a dynamic group of individuals working together as a team. Please join us; we welcome visitors and members alike!

Our meetings feature a Hearing Loop system and open captions.
For more information and questions Contact Us via email or call:585 266 7890.​

HOPE  session Tuesday, December 3 : 10:00am--Vestry Room​​

HOPE (Hearing Other People's Experiences) With Joe Kozelsky, MS, CCC/A retired audiologist. Join in a roundtable discussion about hearing loss. Share your hearing loss experiences, exchange information and obtain answers to many of your questions. Open to all those with hearing loss and those interested in finding out more about some of the issues that concern those with hearing difficulty.

DAYTIME MEETING Tuesday December 3

11:00am-1:00pm Parish Hall. Speaker begins at noon

Beethoven effect: A musician’s journey with hearing loss
with Gaelen McCormick

Chapter member Gaelen McCormick, a member of the bass section of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra from 1995-2017, equates some of her own hearing loss journey with Beethoven’s sufferings before the invention of hearing aids and cochlear implants. It has been said that the soprano singing in the premier of “Ninth Symphony” turned the conductor/composer around to face the audience because he was unable to hear their tumultuous applause. Gaelen describes the effect of his hearing loss on Beethoven, the adaptations he tried to overcome his deafness, and some theories about the causes of his anger and temperament in his later years. She explores her own transition through losing her hearing, composing, and her most recent incarnation in turning her career to arts management. She may even play for us!

Gaelen received performance degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Carnegie Mellon University and has taught double bass at Nazareth College, Roberts Wesleyan College, and the Eastman Community Music School. She presently teaches at the Arts Leadership Program at the Eastman School of Music’s collegiate division.

EVENING MEETING Tuesday December 3

   7:00-9:00pm    Parish Hall.  Speaker begins at 8:00pm
    First responders: Police and hard-of-hearing citizens with Michael Murphy, RPD
Hard-of-hearing citizens can encounter police as victims of crimes, accidents, or disasters; as witnesses to any of them; or as perpetrators. How can you respond when you cannot understand speech under great stress? Rochester Policeman Michael Murphy advises on dealing with police as first responders.

HLAA Rochester Chapter meetings are held in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, East Avenue at 25 Westminster Road, across from the George Eastman House Museum.

Those needing a sign language interpreter for an evening meeting should contact Linda Siple at 585 788 6744 a week in advance. *
*Please note, this phone number is only for those needing an interpreter.