Chapter Meetings

Tuesday,  June 4, Daytime Meeting 
11:00-11:30am – Social time and refreshments.
11:30 – 12Noon – Short business meeting.  All are welcome.
Program begins at 12:00 Noon 
Hearing aids and noise; A visual explanation of the challenges and some solutions with James Feuerstein PhD, CCC/A
Hearing aid users often find that they hear well in quiet but continue to struggle in background noise.  Using visual examples, Dr. Feuerstein explains hearing and speech acoustics, demonstrating the impact of hearing loss on the ability to understand speech in quiet and noise. He then visually demonstrates how hearing aids attempt to restore speech intelligibility and how advanced technologies and assistive technologies can improve the ability to hear in noise.
Dr. Feuerstein is a Professor Emeritus of Nazareth College where he taught audiology and speech science courses for 25 years.  He began his professional career as an audiologist at Rochester Hearing and Speech Center. He presently chairs the RHSC Board of Directors and remains active in many professional organizations. His areas of professional expertise are hearing conservation, hearing aids and assistive technologies, and central auditory processing disorders.  He contributed extensively to HLAA’s previous Day of Hearing Screening.

Tuesday, May 7, Evening Meeting
7:00-7:30pm – Social time and refreshments.
7:30 – 8:00pm – Short business meeting.  All are welcome.

Program begins at 8:00 pm
Employment help through ACCES-VR with Julia Rood, MS
Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation is the agency (you’ve probably never heard of) which provides a full range of employment services needed by persons with disabilities throughout their lives. ACCES’s vocational rehabilitation is targeted toward working age individuals with disabilities to prepare for, find and keep employment.

Senior Vocational Transition Counselor Julia Rood explains  procedures for contacting ACCES and their programs designed to help people with hearing loss either seeking employment or currently working. She notes that they cover the cost of hearing aids for job seekers and/or workers.

Julia Rood has worked at ACCES-VR for over twenty years.  She specializes in transition services for youth and is a “fierce advocate of self-advocacy and accessibility for people with disabilities.”

All HLAA programs are free. Anyone interested in hearing loss is welcome. For more information, telephone 585 266 7890 or email us at [email protected]

HLAA Rochester Chapter meetings are held in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, East Avenue at 25 Westminster Road, across from the George Eastman House Museum.

Those needing a sign language interpreter for an evening meeting should contact Linda Siple at 585 788 6744 a week in advance. *
*Please note, this phone number is only for those needing an interpreter.